Ciprian Galbeaza

Hello, my name is

Galbeaza Ciprian

DevOps Engineer

About me

I am an enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated and persistent student who likes to learn and who takes on as many challenges as possible. I am a person who learns quickly and works hard, being eager to discover new horizons in the Computer Science field.

Why I chose the IT domain

Since high school I started to have an attraction towards this field, at that time everything was like a small hobby.

But over time I began to discover and accept as many challenges as possible, thus turning that little hobby into a passion, that’s why I applied to the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering in Iasi.

What have I learned from the current job?

I’m a Software Developer in a DevOps team. I develop, test, and deploy software applications, automate the development process, and manage infrastructure. My job requires expertise in programming, software testing, and DevOps practices.

My Experience

Jan 2023 - Present

DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer I collaborate with other developers and IT professionals to develop, test, and deploy software applications. Using programming languages like Python and scripting, I automate and streamline the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment cycle. I work with tools like Jenkins to ensure that applications are reliable, efficient, and scalable. As part of a team, I coordinate efforts to integrate new technologies and tools, identify and address software bugs, and ensure proper documentation and version control of code. In addition to managing software infrastructure, I monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues as they arise. My job requires expertise in programming, software testing, and DevOps practices, as well as strong teamwork skills.

Jan 2021 - Jan 2022

Test Engineer

As a Test Engineer at Continental, I gained valuable experience in working collaboratively with a large team, effectively managing my time to ensure that tasks were completed within established deadlines, and thoroughly testing, creating, and analyzing project requirements. Additionally, I had the opportunity to apply my skills in automation testing, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our testing processes.


Amazon Web Services

S3 buckets , EFS , EBS , AWS Cloud Formation , ECS , Lambda , EC2 , VPC , Route53 , IAM , Firewalls

Programming Skills

Python , C / C++ , Java , Kotlin , JavaScript , Matlab , Verilog , Embedded C , CAPL , HTML

Object Oriented Programming

Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism

Object Oriented Design

Design Patterns and identify interactions between objects


CLI, Bash Scripting , Package Management , File Persmissions

Computer Network

Switches , Routers , IPv4 , IPv6, transfer protocols like FTP , HTTP, and security protocols such as SSL , SSH

Network Stack

Media Layers (Physical, Data Link, Network) and Host Layers (Transport, Session ,Presentation , Application )


Understanding the requirements, then creating, analyzing and testing tests based on them

Algorithms and Data Structures

Stacks , Queues , Lists , Hash Tables , Trees, Graphs , Analytical Thinking , Critical Thinking

Hardware Knowledge

Basic electronics concepts , Microcontrollers , Raspberry Pi , Arduino


Google IT Support Professional Certificate


AWS Educate Getting Started with Storage

AWS Educate Getting Started with Compute

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner

What I'm working on

  1. AWS Certification

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification ( planned for 2023 )

  2. Machine Learning Application

    The artificial intelligence part is becoming an important part of the IT field, especially on Data Science for the automatic management of a large sample of data.

  3. Cisco Certification

    200-301 CCNA Certification ( planned for late 2023 )