Ciprian Galbeaza

Hello, my name is

Galbeaza Ciprian

Junior Software Developer

About me

I am an enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated and persistent student who likes to learn and who takes on as many challenges as possible. I am a person who learns quickly and works hard, being eager to discover new horizons in the Computer Science field.

Why I chose the IT domain

Since high school I started to have an attraction towards this field, at that time everything was like a small hobby.

But over time I began to discover and accept as many challenges as possible, thus turning that little hobby into a passion, that’s why I applied to the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering in Iasi.

What am I learning from the current role?

As a Junior Software Developer at Bitdefender, I’m thrilled to embark on a learning journey in cutting-edge technologies. Currently, I’m diving into cloud computing, Kubernetes, containerization, Node.js, MongoDB, and more. Excited to absorb knowledge and grow rapidly in this dynamic field.

My Experience

Aug 2023 - Current

Junior Software Developer


Jan 2023 - Aug 2023

Jr. Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer in a DevOps team I collaborate with other developers and IT professionals to develop, test, and deploy software applications. Using programming languages like Python and scripting, I automate and streamline the Continuous Integration, Continuous Development and Continuous Deployment cycle. I work with tools like Jenkins to ensure that applications are reliable, efficient, and scalable. As part of a team, I coordinate efforts to integrate new technologies and tools, identify and address software bugs, and ensure proper documentation and version control of code. In addition to managing software infrastructure, I monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues as they arise. My job requires expertise in programming, software testing, and DevOps practices, as well as strong teamwork skills.

Jan 2021 - Jan 2022

JR. QA Engineer

As a Jr. QA Engineer at Continental, I gained valuable experience in working collaboratively with a large team, effectively managing my time to ensure that tasks were completed within established deadlines, and thoroughly testing, creating, and analyzing project requirements. Additionally, I had the opportunity to apply my skills in automation testing, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our testing processes.


Amazon Web Services

Servers Management

Programming Skills

Object Oriented Design

Object Oriented Programming

Linux OS


Computer Network

Databases Fundamentals


Algorithms and Data Structures


Hardware Knowledge

Version Management


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)

Google IT Support Professional Certificate


AWS Educate Getting Started with Storage

AWS Educate Getting Started with Compute

AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner

What I'm working on

  1. AWS Certification

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification- Done
    Now seeking AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate - planned for late 2023

  2. Cisco Certification

    200-301 CCNA Certification - planned for 2024

  3. Machine Learning Application

    The artificial intelligence is becoming an important part of the IT field, especially on Data Science for the automatic management of a large sample of data.